Yoga with Jackie Tepper, RYT
Total fitness for body, mind and soul

Welcome to Yoga with Jackie Tepper, RYT!

Jackie is honored to offer regularly scheduled and private classes in the greater Stamford, CT area in Kundalini Yoga and her original creation, Neshama Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient technology that promotes self-healing, inspiration and transformation.  It provides total fitness for body, mind and soul through physical exercises, breath work and meditation.   Click here for more information about Kundalini Yoga and click here to find a class.

Neshama Yoga TM, developed by Jackie Tepper, RYT, is a fusion of Kundalini Yoga and Jewish learning and spirituality.  It accesses the healing and elevating effects of Kundalini Yoga within a Jewish context.  For more information about Neshama Yoga TM click here.

Award Preview

Photo credit:  Sophie Lyons

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