Yoga with Jackie Tepper, RYT

Student Comments - Jackie Tepper's classes

What students are saying about Kundalini Yoga with Jackie:

"Jackie makes Kundalini Yoga accessible to all.  She's compassionate and energetic, and I frequently leave class floating on air!  She is an inspiring instructor and the most ethical individual you will ever have the pleasure of knowing. Jackie's class is an oasis of calm, safety and healing. Divine!" - Mary, certified yoga teacher, Stamford, CT

"Kundalini Yoga is truly life changing. From my very first class, the techniques Jackie uses helped me break through life long obstacles to help uncover my inner strength. Jackie’s classes are challenging yet nurturing. She always explains what we are doing and why. She welcomes questions and curiosity about the history and the effects of Kundalini Yoga. She is a wealth of knowledge. I can always go at my own pace yet strive to improve. I have come a long way in a short period of time, in physical strength and mental clarity. I look forward to the meditation part of class to connect with the all knowing part of myself that so often gets neglected in my busy schedule. Kundalini Yoga is non-negotiable commitment on my calendar. It is my ME time." - Stacey, Weston, CT

"Jackie is a motivated, caring, powerful and deeply inspiring Kundalini Yoga teacher.  She provides a well of knowledge and support to help you reach your highest potential and growth. She aids you to keep on you on track with your true self.  I had found a meditation that my inner truth told me to do and I made a dozen excuses not to do it.  I then asked Jackie for a meditation that she felt was right for me.  Interestingly, she independently came up with the same one which I am now consistently doing and grateful to have in my life." - Jenn, certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, Greenwich, CT

What students are saying about Neshama Yoga TM with Jackie:

"Neshama Yoga TM has been a God-send for me." - Gail, Stamford, CT

"Judaism isn't something that is expressed only at synagogue, and yoga is not a practice that happens only when you come to your yoga mat. If they were, neither would be very meaningful, they would instead be limited and narrow. The beautiful thing about Neshama Yoga TM is that it not only infuses yoga with Jewish spirituality, it teaches practitioners that Judaism can be found in everything we do when we're not at synagogue. And this happens by using principals of Kundalini Yoga. Jackie Tepper intuited the connection between the spirituality of yoga with the teachings of Judaism, and then created an amazing practice that uses breath, movement and meditation to approach the major themes she teases out of each week's parashah and the chagim.  Jackie's efforts to read the weekly parashah, read volumes of commentaries, develop the themes of the Torah portion, find music to express it, and tie it to her vast knowledge of Kundalini Yoga have enriched Judaism for me. I so look forward to each week's class because I know I will leave that session feeling renewed." - Beth, Greenwich, CT

"I loved your yoga program. It is a thoughtful, intelligent and spiritual practice. I absolutely relish your beautifully constructed d'var torah at the beginning of each class and the tone you set through these thoughtful journeys. " - Tracy, Stamford, CT
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