Yoga with Jackie Tepper, RYT

Kundalini Yoga, Jackie Tepper, RYT

Kundalini Yoga combines breathing, movement, meditation, stretching, relaxation and sound to work on every aspect of your being. In every class taught by Jackie Tepper, your energy will be systematically raised through the chakras and your nervous system and glandular system will be strengthened and balanced. 

Kundalini Yoga works powerfully on many levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. 
Some of its myriad benefits include:

* Reduced stress                                          *  Weight loss
* Sharpened concentration and focus         *  Increased self-confidence
* Relief from depression and fatigue          *  Enhanced creativity
* Improved physical fitness                        *  Expanded spiritual awareness

Kundalini Yoga is not about mastering difficult-looking exercises. It's very user-friendly and can be practiced by people of any age, fitness level or body type.

No prior experience in yoga is needed for you to begin to experience benefits almost immediately. 

Jackie Tepper currently teaches Kundalini Yoga classes in Stamford, Connecticut and  is also available for private instruction.

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