Yoga with Jackie Tepper, RYT


You might find the following sites of interest:

Spirit Voyage - a site for Kundalini Yoga music and books 

40 Day Global Sadhana - learn about and participate in 40 Day Global Sadhanas coordinated by Spirit Voyage.  According to Kundalini Yoga, if you commit yourself to practice a meditation or kriya for 40 consecutive days, the effects of the practice will take hold within you and create a transformation.

Ravi Singh and Ana Brett - Kundalini Yoga masters and my teachers who are helping to make Kundalini Yoga accessible to all and spread it worldwide.

Golden Bridge - Gurmukh's centers in New York and Los Angeles for Kundalini Yoga classes, teacher trainings, workshops and wisdom.

3HO - Yogi Bhajan's foundation where you can obtain information about worldwide Kundalini Yoga events.

YogaTech - online store for Kundalini Yoga books and music, at discounted prices.

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