Yoga with Jackie Tepper, RYT

Neshama Yoga TM

Neshama Yoga TM  is a fusion of Kundalini Yoga and Jewish spirituality developed by Jackie Tepper, RYT.  It is a new form of Jewish yoga.  At its core, Neshama Yoga provides the practitioner access to the pathways to connect with God on a deep, spiritual level.

“Neshama” means “soul” in Hebrew.  It comes from the same root word as "breath.”  In Genesis, God blew “the breath of life” (nishmat hayyim) into Adam’s nostrils. Thus, "neshama" has come to mean “life-force” or "soul."  It is the spark of divinity within each of us.  The exercises and meditations of Neshama YogaTM seek to break through the blocks concealing this divine identity and unite your finite self with your infinite self.   

To achieve this heightened state of awareness and connection, we use ancient yogic tools and techniques coupled with learning from Jewish texts and traditions and spiritual Jewish music.  The vibration of sound is a very important aspect of raising one's own frequency, thus we chant in Hebrew and English. It is an elevating and enriching experience.


A typical Neshama Yoga TM class begins with a brief learning session relating to the week's Torah portion, a holiday or other Jewish precept.  The learning is then followed by physical and meditative exercises as well as chanting (in Hebrew or English) that is connected to the themes of the week.

Click here to find out what Jackie's Neshama Yoga TM students are saying.

There is one Neshama YogaTM series presently happening in Stamford, CT, with registration underway for a short five-week series beginning after Passover. Click here for more info.

Please contact Jackie Tepper about current Neshama Yoga
 groups or establishing your own.  It is great for Rosh Chodesh groups, Sisterhoods, Hadassah or other Jewish women's groups.  It can be taught as a special event or on a series basis.

Click here to email Jackie Tepper or call at 203-918-0085.
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